Salem Jr. High PTA

Home of the Spartans - Salem, UT

Mark Your Calendars! 

We are looking forward to a great year.

Today there will be a Salem Junior Hight potluck lunch/

meeting at noon in the cafeteria for any parents who are 

interested in becoming involved in the PTA.  We understand 

that many parents are unable to attend so we plan to keep you 

connected on this website to the best of our ability. The PTA 

budget has been posted in the office.  Please contact us with 

questions, concerns, or requests to be of service.

Calendar at a Glance:

Aug 4 & 5: Registration (8:30 am – 3 pm) 

Aug 17: Welcome Lunch for Teachers 

Aug 22: 7th grade day 9-11:15 am (2 volunteers to answer questions and direct - arrive at 8:45 am) 

Aug 22: Back to School Open House 2 – 5 p.m. 

Aug 23: First Day of School                                                                     

Aug 26: Picture Day 4-5 Volunteers (kids get free pictures)

Sept 1: Ice Cream Social 6:30- 7:30 pm (10-15 volunteers)/ Dance 7:30 – 9 pm 

Sept 2: Spirit Friday

Sept 5: Labor Day NO SCHOOL

Sept 6: Next PTA meeting at 9:15 in conference room

Sept 19: Staff Development Day. School Early Out at 11:15 a.m.

Sept 29: Spartan Target Conferences/Parents Provide Dinner for teachers
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The Salem Jr. Marquee Sign Story 

When Salem Jr. PTA was formed this past Jan., we asked Mrs. Kimball what PTA could do to help support the new school.  Her immediate reply was that we could help get a marquee sign for the school, since that was something that wasn't covered in construction/start up school expenses.  Salem Jr. PTA board did a big gulp, and said they'd accept the marquee project. 

Thankfully one of our board members knew the right connections.  Her husband worked for UCCU, and was aware that a marquee was being replaced at a branch.  He asked the right UCCU contacts, and UCCU generously DONATED a beautiful sign for Salem Jr. High.  Thank you UCCU!!!

The sign needed to be refurbished in school colors and logos.  This was completed in time for the ribbon cutting! It looks wonderful.

Salem Jr. PTA is still  fund raising  to pay for the marquee personalization/installation costs.  Our goal is $5000.  We are half way there.  To help get the marquee paid for, we have several options and events that families can choose.

-school tee shirts and car magnet logos are for sale in the front office, and will also be available during parent teacher conference times.  Hoodies will soon be available, too.

-Marquee donations are also accepted at the front office.  Mrs. Riding dropped by last week and made a generous donation for the marquee.  Her family previously owned the land Salem Jr. High sits on!  Thank you Riding family!!!

-Bullseye Buck - this will be a way for students to own a part of the school, by contributing $1 for the marquee!  We hope each student will take part by adding a "buck" during lunch the week of Oct. 22 to Oct. 26. 

-Spartan Run Fun - from our parents came the idea to have a fun run!  So we invite students and families to participate in the Spartan Fun Run.  Nov. 10 at 9 am, sun, rain, wind, or snow!  Be a Spartan and come run!  There will be a 5K and 1 mile.  More information will be available soon.

Salem Jr. PTA is working to build communication between school, students, families, and community.  The beautiful marquee will be a great resource to help us do that.  While the marquee still isn't quite working, it will be soon. 

Thanks for helping Salem Jr. PTA support Salem Jr. High.  We stand united! Go Spartans!



Friday, October 5, 2012 12:02:00 PM

Welcome to our school Spartans! 

It is so exciting to finally be starting a new school year in our new school!  We are thankful for so many that have supported and helped along the way to get our school ready:  students and parents helping with school set up and move in, faculty spending extra time preparing their new classrooms ready, administration personnel working long summer days to have everything ready to go. 

Salem Jr. PTA is also thankful for the beautiful new marquee that has been donated by Utah Community Credit Union!  This will provide a valuable means of communication for our school!  Although the marquee has been installed, Salem Jr. PTA needs donations to pay for its refurbishment and  set up.  Our goal is to raise $4,500 to cover those expenses.  We ask for your help and contribute what you can!

Good luck with transitioning from summer to school this next week!  We know it'll be a great year because of great Spartan students, teachers, and families!



Saturday, August 18, 2012 1:57:00 PM

We are half way through summer! 

Hello Spartans!

I hope you are enjoying the summer, and the heat!  We are officially half way through our summer vacation!!!

Our new school is getting ready!  Today was a fun and busy day as  moving boxes were unloaded and put into classrooms by the morning Spartan team. The afternoon Spartan team unpacked computer equipment and hauled out empty boxes until the dumpster was full.  Thanks to a Spartan student for organizing his Eagle Project that benefited the school.  There are several Eagle Projects that are helping get our school ready for Aug! Yea for Spartan Service!

Did you know Salem Jr. has a website ( which has preliminary information on it already?  The school year calendar, bell schedule, and safe walking routes information are available there. You can also see the teacher and staff list.

Important dates to remember now, even though it's still summer: 

*Salem Jr. Ribbon cutting is Fri. Aug. 17 at  10 am. Their will be an open house from 10 to 1 pm following the ribbon cutting.  

*First day of 7th grade is Mon. Aug. 20 from 8 to 10:30 am. 

*First day of school for all students is Tues. Aug. 21 at 8 am!

*Thurs. Aug. 23 from 6:30 to 8:30 Salem Jr. PTA is throwing a Spartan Family Stomp.  This is for the WHOLE family, not just Salem Jr. HIgh students!  If you haven't been to a family dance, come and see how much fun it is!  Salem Jr. PTA will be busy scooping free ice cream for our Spartans and their family members.  We look forward to meeting you!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and look for school registration  and PTA information coming to your mailboxes soon!


Monday, July 9, 2012 3:49:00 PM

The end of the school year brings.... 

The days are getting longer.  School days are getting busier.  It must mean the end of the school year is getting close. 

But not at Salem Jr. High.  The principal, counselors, secretary, teachers and staff are all busy working on a new school year!!! They're meeting, planning, collaborating.  They're purchasing new furniture and new books.  They're auditioning, holding elections, meeting students.  The end of the school year brings the start of Salem Jr. High.  

Salem Jr. PTA is also busy working!  We're working on marquee funding, mascot, T-shirts, volunteer helpers.  We're hoping to meet students and parents and build school and community Spartan Service.  While other PTA's are winding down, we're winding up for a great year that's just beginning.

The end of the school year brings excitement and anticipation for our new Salem Jr. High!  We hope you're just as excited as we are!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 3:23:00 PM

The excitment is building 

Have you driven past our new junior high?  The construction workers are very busy!  We are getting closer to having a new school completed!

As I've talked to parents and students, everyone is so excited for this school!  Students are anxious for t-shirts to wear, showing they are Spartans!  Parents are wondering who the new teachers will be.  Everyone is wondering how this school will be different from previous junior highs.  Our PTA board is busy thinking and planning programs and activities that will bring our community together, help our school be great, and give the best to our students!  

Look soon for the first edition of Spartan News!  The excitement is building!  We're glad to be a part of it!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 7:06:00 PM

Salem Jr. High Parents are the best! 

Thanks for packing the room at our first ever General PTA meeting!  We hope it was informative and helpful.  We are so glad you took the time to come and meet the principal, teachers, and PTA board.  Spread the word about this website to friends and neighbors who may not have found it yet.  We'll keep things posted and updated about Salem Jr. High and PTA.  Go Spartans!

Friday, March 2, 2012 8:24:00 AM

Help Spread the Word 

We are so excited about our new Salem Jr. High!  It will be beautiful! We are excited to be a part of this new school.  

We'll be having our first General PTA meeting on Thurs, March 1st, 7 pm in the library at SHHS.  Come meet Mrs. Kimball, the principal of Salem Jr. High!  The map of the school, and school floor plan will be available to check out.  The PTA Board will be there to meet you and answer questions about how you can help!  

Help spread the word to your friends and neighbors!

Monday, February 13, 2012 11:15:00 AM

Welcome to Salem Jr. High PTA 

We are excited for Salem Junior High PTA!  We would love to have everyone be a part of this great new school!  If you are interested in helping, let us know!  Go Spartans!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012 1:44:00 PM