Salem Jr. High PTA

Home of the Spartans - Salem, UT

The days are getting longer.  School days are getting busier.  It must mean the end of the school year is getting close. 

But not at Salem Jr. High.  The principal, counselors, secretary, teachers and staff are all busy working on a new school year!!! They're meeting, planning, collaborating.  They're purchasing new furniture and new books.  They're auditioning, holding elections, meeting students.  The end of the school year brings the start of Salem Jr. High.  

Salem Jr. PTA is also busy working!  We're working on marquee funding, mascot, T-shirts, volunteer helpers.  We're hoping to meet students and parents and build school and community Spartan Service.  While other PTA's are winding down, we're winding up for a great year that's just beginning.

The end of the school year brings excitement and anticipation for our new Salem Jr. High!  We hope you're just as excited as we are!

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re: The end of the school year brings....

So just so you know there is cheating happening on your spartan vote. You can clear your history and vote as many times as you like I just watched your number two logo jump about 70 votes in the past few minutes.

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